Granobar - Dates, Almonds, & Chia Seeds

Revel in the natural sweetness of sun-kissed dates paired with the hearty crunch of roasted almonds, all interwoven with the subtle texture of chia seeds. Oven-baked to bring out the richness of each ingredient, our bars encapsulate the true essence of nature. Drawing sweetness from the pure coconut nectar sourced directly from the verdant forests of Bali and the innate richness of dates, we offer you a bar that delights without overindulgence.

Available in these formats:
16 X 32Gr
5 X 32Gr

Rolled oats (34%), glucose syrup (contains sulfite), honey, dates (8.8%), almonds (8.3%), sunflower seeds, puffed brown rice, desiccated coconut (contains sulfite), coconut oil, rice flour, chia seeds (2.6%), salt.

Nutritions Facts:
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